Sherry Guyberson to Release the Latest Book for Paranormal and Metaphysical Unity

The Indigo Moon Rising Paranormal Summer, the newest book released by Sherry Guyberson, is geared to resonate with those who have gifts and feel like outsiders. This book helps every person to learn about the laws of attraction. The author distributes this book via local and online delivery.

Paranormal Summer has 180 pages with distinct approaches for metaphysical unity. This book is not only for paranormal entertainment, but also serves as an educational tool. It helps most people, especially teens, to recognize and accept their gifts. The main purpose was for the author to provide some of her real-life experiences in the book. It also portrays the effects and benefits of having these gifts. With comprehensive topics such as reincarnation, karma, ghosts, positive thinking, and the universal life force, there’s no doubt why millions of people prefer to read this at hand.

One reviewer claims that Indigo Moon Rising Paranormal Summer was easier to read and compared than Harry Potter. The struggle between dark and light while developing their extra-ordinary abilities serves readers with an extensive exploration of those realities, both seen and unseen. According to R.H. Ellison, through the fast-paced and creative writing, the author pulls readers to amaze, chill and excite.  Its plot pacing, character relationships and multi-layered supernatural mystery are fully explained.

“Sherry Guyberson has written a richly layered story that tackles the timeless theme of good versus evil. Guyberson pits three teenagers, each on the

cusp of discovering their own paranormal gifts, up against the Dark Side. Unlike my attempts at reading Harry Potter, Guyberson’s writing style kept me engaged. And, like any suspense writer worth her salt, she brings the story to a cliff-hanger ending which opens the door for the next book in the series”, another book reviewer claims.

The author encourages releasing this book, not only to amaze the readers but also to help them on how to handle their special gifts. Since the Indigo Moon Rising Paranormal Summer was based on the real experience of the author, it grabs the attention of all readers.

With creative mind and personal experience, the author makes a perfect book that suit to all readers.  This book is open to all ages and in demand at all nations worldwide. For easy book distribution, the delivery period of this book is very short. Once the book is ordered, it will automatically ship and deliver to the customer’s place.

Reading Indigo Moon Rising Paranormal Summer can change the reader’s perception about their gifts. It also leads the readers to be more knowledgeable about paranormal and metaphysical unity. Another fantastic thing about this book is its imparted lessons from the characters.

For further details, there is a website that contains a photo album of the characters. It can be seen at If readers want to ask some relevant details about the book, simply posts some queries online. Readers can also ask connect with the author through Avid readers can also like or share its site at or visit its video at


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