Book Paranormal Summer

Paranormal Summer

A mystical blend of Law of Attraction and Paranormal

infused into one fascinating book. 


Bakersburg Tennessee once a sleepy little town is now home to three misfit teens with supernatural gifts.  As they learn to develop and trust their abilities, they begin to unravel the dark secrets of the past. They begin to experience what is meant by ‘the veil is thinning.’ More teens like them are coming out of the woodwork. It seems this is little burg, just South of the Smokies is becoming a paranormal hot spot.

The once hidden books of light and of dark weave the teens into a web, a devious plot shrouded in a vengeful obsession that is trying to alter destiny. These forces emerge with unparalleled cunning that catapults the teens into confrontations with dark energies. Can they dispel the evil with help from the spirits that have remained and their new found gifts? Do they have the power within them, the clarity and courage needed to fight the wicked bloodline of Miranda?

What makes them different is the same force that brings them together. Join us as they build a team of initiates with Para-normal gifts to build a new future.

Paranormal Summer, the first in the Indigo Moon Rising series helps connect the dots between two seemingly different beliefs, that of the Law of Attraction and the Paranormal. For me the two have always lived intermingled, a mystical blend of my knowing, but often hard to explain.

Paranormal Summer introduces the readers to the main characters, Jillian, Sonya and Ryan. The story is set in a small town nestled in the foothills of Tennessee.  Jillian, just turning 15 has been sent away for the summer to her aunt’s where she makes friends with others that have ‘gifts’. At times she begins to question when she is awake because many of the things she experiences would only be thought of in dreams. In reality, or at least hers, she is being guided onto a path of self-exploration with the help of her friends, an aunt that passed into spirit and some animal guides.

Ryan who is the most cognizant of his abilities learns that his family tree holds secrets that are trying to change history in an evil way. He lives and breathes the unity between the law of attraction and the paranormal. He is an old soul and isn’t afraid to use what he knows.

Sonya is from a linage of gypsies who lived quietly with her Grandmother running a bed and breakfast until she met Jillian and Ryan. Now she is opening her eyes to her abilities. From discovering her past life as a healer, to discovering her secret siblings, her soul yearns for the truth of what she is doing here.

Hopefully I will let readers see life from my perspective, showing our connection to everything, and our responsibilities to ourselves and others.       Writing this book, for the second time showed me that the possibilities are infinite. And if I ‘know’ that, then so am I!

Readers can also visit the website to see the characters.

Theme is one of the most important elements of fiction because without it, it would be impossible for any literary piece to exist. One of the most fascinating books sold on the Amazon website today has an exciting combination that suit the taste of modern readers. This book is a mystical blend of Law

of Attraction and the Paranormal.

Product Description
Readers who want to experience a different kind of thrill and excitement will love the twists and turns presented in this fantasy fiction book. Every page will take them to a magical and mysterious world they have never known before. It also presents the concept of Law of attraction also known as LOA.

Product Features
The following are some of the best features of this book that will provide readers with a high level of intrigue and satisfaction:
• The setting is constantly questionable, as to whether it is reality, or a realm of magic and paranormal fantasy that is set in a paranormal summer. This proves to heighten the interest and the mood of readers for more exploration on what the whole story is all about.
• The characters are in the form of teenagers with supernatural gifts, who turn ghost hunters and are well-presented and unique. They have attitudes and traits that contribute to the story’s climax and turning points, thus leaving no room for boring reading moments. Every character also has unique traits that any reader can relate to. In literary terms, this is called empathy.
• The plot is superb and exhilarating; with very fine subtleties making it one of the most commendable elements in this book. There are such complexities within the 19 chapters that there is no room for boredom. In fact, this book will make readers hold their breath due to the events that revolve around lingering spirits, hauntings, our spiritual nature, paranormal investigations, reincarnation and good versus evil.
• The moral of the story is also a praiseworthy one because it is related to our purpose and connection to everything, our own spirituality.

• The book comes with an interesting and compelling cover art and throughout is well-written by an author that uses real life experiences that she shares.
• Written in the English language

This paranormal mystery suspense book has several advantages that bookworms should not miss. First, it has a unique and engaging story that is perfect for entertainment. Second, it has the potential to change the reader’s perspective on how they view life and death and purpose. Third, this book is sold for a very affordable price of $2.99 for the Kindle and $7.99 for the paperback. Prime Members can download it free!

The only disadvantage of this book is that it leaves the reader hungry for the next book, The Ticking of the Tock. Actually, this is not a disadvantage at all because the best books always have multiple sequels. I have full faith that Sherry will deliver exciting new characters that readers can relate to, and even more intense jaw dropping chapters as the mystery continues. She has even encouraged readers to enter a contest to name a character in the next book!

Customer Reviews and Scores
Because of the unique blend of perspective Sherry has given us, and how almost everyone will be able to relate to the characters, it has rave reviews as can be seen at She has also added a photo album of the characters so that the readers can get an even better feeling of how she sees them.

This paranormal mystery suspense that combines Law of Attraction, fantasy and magic is a must-have for book lovers who are looking for a unique and highly entertaining story. For less than a 1 minute call with your ‘Psychic Friend’ get hours of Paranormal Entertainment on the spot! Available now at!


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