Paranormal Mystery: Does It Stand Alone Or Will There Be a Series?
I am probably the only person in the entire world who didn’t read the Harry Potter series despite the fact that my sister gave me the book as a gift. I read to the end of the first page and set it aside because I couldn’t get past what I felt was cumbersome prose. Paranormal Summer (Indigo Moon Rising) is not like that. However, like J. K. Rowling, Sherry Guyberson has written a richly layered story that tackles the timeless theme of good versus evil. Guyberson pits three teenagers, each on the cusp of discovering their own paranormal gifts, up against the Dark Side. Unlike my attempts at reading Harry Potter, Guyberson’s writing style kept me engaged. And, like any suspense writer worth her salt, she brings the story to a cliff-hanger ending which opens the door for the next book in the series. I hope.        Kathy H. Porter


This is a wonderful story filled with good and evil, of love and peace. It really hit home, with laughter and tears. Ryan and his two new friends uncover a world beyond the world we see. One of spirits, dark and light, and with unpredictable energies. The kids learn that their paranormal gifts are normal, and they discover that they are not alone, learning to never taking anything for granted.

Ryan realizes his family tree has some horrific secrets. Sonya visits a past life and then learns of two secret sisters in the here and now. Jillian becomes aware that she can feel spirits and experience more than one reality in time and space.

This book is filled with ghosts, and tons of secrets, from the bad blood to the tunnels under the town. The three kids experience unbearable sadness and overwhelming joy. There was so much going on that I couldn’t stop reading. I was left with more questions than answers. I can’t wait for the next one!

Zoe Carroll


I found myself “on the edge of my seat” several times while reading this book. There are some jaw-dropping moments when you are surprised at the twist in plot. When I reached the end, I couldn’t wait to read the next installment. Definitely a must read!   Dannielle Swihart


An intriguing read. I can see why not only teens and young adults like stories about the paranormal. Gets you caught up in the events and makes you wonder what will happen next. For a first novel I think she did a terrific job.
Joan Hartman


Absorbing story about 3 decidedly different teens who work together to solve an old mystery. Will interest anyone who knows we are not the only “ones” to exist in this dimension. grammajlh

A must-read for paranormal enthusiasts!!!

You know a story will ruthlessly possess you and not let go when it opens with a detailed spirit contact session. Thus starts this deliciously-disturbing joyride through fear, suspense, multidimensional forces, and, ultimately, survival. Guyberson’s protagonists – Jillian, Ryan, and Sonya – are characters that readers will eagerly root for as they weave through the fear and the intrigue to discover their inner strength amidst the true nature of spiritual reality. The struggle between light and dark while developing their supernatural abilities serves readers with a comprehensive exploration of those realities that are seen and unseen, and the incredible grid work that has always been there beneath our abilities to perceive.
With writing that is fast-paced and creatively-delivered, Guyberson pulls readers along on a chilling & breathless journey, with scientific knowledge woven seamlessly into the story – and the result is a plethora of insights are raw, weighted, and real. Paranormal Summer’s lucid prose is so well-balanced with the building of character & character relationships, plot pacing, and the unveiling of the multi-layered supernatural mystery that everything the teen characters experience is solidified for the reader. I am eagerly awaiting the next in this series…
Fantastic work, and highly recommended!        R.E.


After reading Paranormal Summer I will defiantly be more likely to give independent writers a chance. I have been on bed rest for many months after a knee injury and called a relative to see if she knew of any good books I might like to read. She suggested this book. I bought it off Kindle and read it that night. It was very engaging and gave me vivid pictures of what was going on. I felt like a teenager again while reading this story. I also like how the story left room for a squeal. All in all a great, fun read.    E. Cortes


A good book from a new author to the paranormal and suspense field. I bought this book for my Kindle because the description reminded me of a movie I just saw last week, Chronicle. Which, although the reviews weren’t great, I enjoyed.
Well, although this has a similar description, that’s as far as the similarities go. This book is far more powerful and in depth with characters that you can understand.
When I first started reading this, I planned on setting it down after the first couple of chapters. But before I knew it, a couple hours passed and I was reading well into the night.
The story kept moving and didn’t have hundreds of pages of useless fluff that many other books seem so fond of. I understand what the author was doing and she pulled it off very well.
Great book and I will be keeping an eye on Sherry to see what other books she comes out with.      M.S.


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